As I sit here this morning refreshing's weather page, taking in the hard fact that we are under another 'winter advisory', over half the roads in SD are "no travel advised" or "closed", and the high today will be roughly 19, I can't help but remember waking up just 2 days ago (and although feeling under the weather) to a warm, bright, sunshine, high's in the 40's, snow melting, visible dead grass, sidewalks emerging, and the exciting feeling of 'it feels like spring!'.  South Dakota are so hilarious! Our 1st wedding of the 2011 season is just right around the corner (12 days to be exact...but who's counting) and it's about this time that we start to get super antsy!  Excited to be at a wedding again, photographing beautifulness, creating art, and going into the season with a fresh start and fresh ideas!  I compare this feeling to the 1st day of've had the summer to relax and kickback but you get all excited to buy new notebooks, pens, backpack, a new outfit, see friends again, begin a fresh new year as somebody who has grown a little the past 3 months of summer.  : )

On days like I sit here anxiously waiting for March 5th, avoiding the horrid weather outside, I can't help but daydream about what's to come this summer....beautiful outdoor ceremonies, outdoor receptions, warm breezy SD summer evenings, fresh flowers, peep-toe heels, etc.  For today...the best I can do is reminisce on some of our past outdoor weddings....Enjoy: