Nate + Mackenzie {Sioux Falls, South Dakota Engagement}

Happy Friday, With wedding season beginning to wind down this time of year, we often get asked "well what do you guys do now?"....On one hand...I could gush about how excited I am for simple things like: watching tv, seeing my friends on a Saturday night, more time for reading a book, cooking at home, or sleeping in on a Sunday morning.  :)  But, on the other hand...what we also get to do now is begin to focus on all of our weddings for next year!!! : )  Engagement sessions really take over and we get to start all over again; new clients, new ideas, new weddings, new faces, new friends!  Which leads me to Mackenzie and Nate...

Have you seen a better looking couple?! Great style and super sweet!  We are looking forward to their wedding next June!!