Maggie + Michael {Sioux Falls, South Dakota Engagement Photography}

We had a short window to work with for Maggie & Michael's e-session since they were flying in from Seattle for a quick 3 day trip.  We kept open all 3 days knowing how up and down the weather can be middle-of-December. We were just hoping that 1 of those 3 would be good enough for an outdoor session. We didn't expect all 3 days to be fabulous!  I say "fabulous" not because it was my ideal summer weather but just because it wasn't snowing. At all. It wasn't freezing. At all.  It wasn't windy. At all.  I guess, I'm just in shock at how nice the weather is right now.  I am normally not one to EVER wish for snow...but dang it...I need snow for Christmas!!  That's all. :) Maggie and Michael are just plain adorable.  Both of whom are artists/actors living in Seattle.  Both of them are laid back, very easy going, and just happy to be together.  We love that! Merry Christmas to you both and see you this summer!