Happy New Year 2012

It's a new year and we couldn't be happier with the direction we are headed.  Both personally & professionally.  We feel so lucky every. single. day.  for the life we have.  It doesn't take a "new year" for us to realize this.  We count our blessings every day.  Really, every day.   With everything we set out to do, our #1 goal is to lead a positive, balanced, fulfilling and happy life. With that being said, here are a couple of our new year's resolutions:

Valerie (I have several but will bore you with only 2)

1.)   Read my books.

I kinda have this thing (ok, obsession) with purchasing books.  Not a bad thing, right?  Except, I never read them.  When I'm bored, need to relax, need to de-stress, etc., I go to Barne's & Noble, grab a latte, and walk around.  I never leave empty handed.  I get home, I start a chapter, stick a cute bookmark into chapter 2, and set it down. Forever.  Soooo, this year, I'm going to read my books.  If any of you see me purchasing at Barnes & Noble...stop me!

2.) Spread Positivity.

It's easy (we're all guilty of this at some point) to cave to some sort of negativity; gossiping, associating with "cancerous" people, drama, jealousy, dwelling on the negative, etc.  Spreading positivity is on my list every year.  It takes a strong person to separate yourself from negativity. The result is empowering.


1.) Eat Healthier.

Most days I find myself eating the worst foods I can get my hands on. Whether it'd be McDonald's or Buffalo Wild Wings (both are delicious). But, I want to live past 40.  So, I need to eat more vegetables and fruit.

2.) Walk the dogs more.

Not to make it sound like "poor Simon & Jake" because the hounds are pretty spoiled.  But, ever since we moved into our house with a fenced back yard I find myself taking them on less walks.  Between our busy summers and the fence, I think running around the backyard is "fine".  But, I know how much they love to sniff things and go for walks.


We hope 2012 is an amazing and fulfilling year for you all!  Here's to a Happy New Year!


Jeff & Val