Vintage Camping Engagement {Highmore, SD}

Let me start by introducing to you some of our favoritest (yep, that might be a made up word) people....Danielle & Paul! We've known Paul & Danielle for several years now and have shared a million laughs and good times!  (KITTENS....INSPIRED BY...KITTENS!!!!) We are so blessed to have them in our lives!  It's not every day that you meet such great people who not only radiate positivity and happiness but who you truly enjoy spending and sharing life with.  So, when you find those take them in, keep them close, and have drinks with them on Wednesday night at Bracco!  : )  Onto the photo shoot..... This highly creative and adorable couple made creating their themed engagement session a piece-of-cake!  Both Danielle and Paul (well, mostly Danielle) had great ideas and knew exactly what they wanted to incorporate into a themed e-session. Both having close family ties to the Miller & Highmore, South Dakota area, they naturally decided to have it back home.  They wanted something uniquely "them" and sentimental.  The bike, for example, belonged to great grandpa, they used grandma's farm as a location, collected antiques from around the home, etc.

Enjoy Part I {Vintage Camping}



Stay tuned for Part II of their session....{Vintage 50's Housewife}