Meet Macie - Senior Portraits, South Dakota

Meet Macie of Garretson, South Dakota.  She is one of our super fun and adorable JSP Senior Rep Models this year.  Here are a few fun facts about Macie: 1). Favorite Food: My favorite food would have to be spaghetti, I love Italian food. 2).Fun, little fact about you: Fashion is my passion! I love to shop and find unique and trendy items. I love it even more when I can find a good deal. 3).Favorite thing in your closet: Summer is my favorite season, I have tons of sundresses. So, it would be hard to pick just one item, if I had to it would be my blue striped sundresses with the sweetheart neckline. 4). College/Career Dream: I am still undecided on where I will go to college, but would like to pursue a degree in digital animation. 5).Summer Plans: This summer I plan on working at Palisades Oil and preparing for my Senior year. 6). Why you love JSP: Jeff Sampson Photography has a very unique and fresh approach. I have a ton of fun with them and they make me feel very comfortable. 7). One thing you couldn't live without: I couldn't live without my family! They are truly amazing and I am very thankful for them.