The White Wall Sessions - {605 Cover Story}

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting a cover story for 605 magazine.  The White wall sessions are the brain child of Jeff Zueger and the Spectrum films gang. Basically bands drop by the studio, they lay down a track or two and they are interviewed. It's been gaining in popularity and come September 7th KELO-TV will start airing the sessions Saturdays at 10:30.  I will be tuning in, hope you will too. 

For way more of the story of how everything took shape pick up the August issue of 605.


605 Cover Story - Ogalala Pet Project

This month I had the pleasure of shooting the cover for 605 magazine for a cause that is  near to our hearts.  Pet adoption is important to Val and I and we like to help spread the word when possible.  The Ogalala pet project is helping neglected reservation dogs live a normal life. The photos are only of one foster family in Sioux Falls, there are many more, and many more pets that need a good home. Pick up an issue of 605 this month for more information and more photos :)

The pet project is 100% volunteer and doing a great thing for great pets

Ogalala Pet Project Website

605 Online Article


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