Five Year Wedding Anniversary

With wedding season in full swing and with both of our lives revolving around “weddings” as much as they do, it’s kinda fun to take a minute to reminisce about our own….

#Flashbackfriday- Five years ago today we were in Canyon Lake Park, Rapid City, SD getting hitched! Surrounded by only our closest family & friends we made that promise to love and devote until death do us part! We are typically not the sappy, pda, lovey-dovey type, but there’s something about reminiscing on the past few years together that warms our hearts and makes us smile. We find ourselves more appreciative and in love each year.  

Don’t get us wrong- In the past 5 years (and actually 9 years of being together) we've had our fair share of ups and downs. We've gone through moments of distaste and have dealt with arguments over really big things and really stupid things like, chores (Jeff still refuses to rinse dirty dishes and Val’s bedroom floor will always be her laundry basket). However, through it all there’s still no denying that we are each other’s bestest friend by a long shot! We are each other’s worst critic and most proud supporter. We know that we are the luckiest to have met each other (Thanks Rach & Jared). Ok, ok…we are done with the self-proclamations of love! ;)

There’s this list of traditional anniversary gifts by year that we've always meant to “start doing” however, have yet to start. Quite honestly, we barely celebrate anniversaries and typically like to do our own thing and not by the book. So, instead of exchanging a “wood” related gift (year 5 gift) we're headed to SPAIN this Sunday to explore The Costa Brava & Barcelona!!! To say we are excited is an understatement. We love traveling together! We love sharing new adventures and experiencing different cultures. Happy Anniversary to us!


Jeff + Val

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