Happy New Year!! {2014}

2014 is going to be good-

Happily recounting 2013, makes us smile. We smile thinking of good things like: our health, our incredible support system of friends & family (really, we have the bestest set of people in our lives), travel, being able to wake up and do something that inspires us every day, food, warm shelter, and our cuddly dogs. We are so thankful for the countless experiences and friendships this past year that have allowed us to grow and become stronger, better people.  

2014 we anticipate to be another wonderful year. We look forward to crossing paths with new and familiar faces, our amazing lineup of weddings & sweet couples, spending more time surrounding ourselves with those we love, seeking out positives in situations (even when it seems impossible), doing what makes us the happiest and to taking on exciting challenges that the year may have in store for us. We wish you all a happy and fruitful 2014. 

Cheers to another incredible year!

Val + Jeff