New Pad {BTS of Jeff Sampson Photography}

Just when we thought we loved our old studio, we fell in love with a new one. We really did enjoy our time and space at The Bridges at 57th (The Van Buskirk's are truly wonderful people!) but we were ready for a new aesthetic and had an yearning to join DTSF. 4 years ago during our initial search for a studio location, DTSF was a bit different from what it's evolved into the past couple years. It now seems so fresh, alive, young and we are excited to partake in it all. People are out and about, sidewalk tables are filled with beer and conversation, you can hear music in the air, the smells of good food (Ok, JL Beers may have been the real reason for moving downtown) and there are so many local happenings going on. In love. :) 

Starting from an unfinished space, we've finally moved into our cozy 2nd home. We'd say it's about 95% done. Come visit us anytime-- We have a stocked bar!       


Jeff + Val